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Dear Mr. President:

Forty years ago, President Nixon made a commitment to end cancer.

Forty years later, somewhere in America, a loved one dies of cancer, 1 A MINUTE.

We, the people, find this inexcusable. No more empty promises. We want results!

We, the world, demand a cure for all cancers, now.

Please organize a team of efficient, knowledgable individuals who can get this done. Clearly we are making progress but not fast enough to save so many American lives and lives around the world.

We petition your office to nominate a team that can oversee better co-ordination among clinicians, organize more funds towards clinical trials and make access easier for pipeline drugs on compassionate grounds.

Please make this your presidential office priority.

Thank you.

Namrata Singh Gujral
Actress, Producer, Advocate, Breast Cancer and Lymphoma Survivor